(established in 2004)

Point 1: The festival committee consists of:

  • the party committee chairmen
  • the festival committee members
  • The fixed committee is elected by the general assembly for 2 financial years.
  • The chairman of the festival committee is a member of the entire board by virtue of his office.
  • At events of the association, the chairman of the festival committee has the task of relieving the board of directors with the organization.

Point 2: Works committee consists of:

  • the works committee chairmen
  • the members of the works committee
  • The works committee is elected by the general assembly for 2 financial years.
  • the chairman of the works committee belongs to the entire board by virtue of his office.
  • The chairman of the works committee has the task of organizing the catering in the shooting range during all events.

Point 3: The officer corps consists of:

  • the commander
  • the deputy commander
  • the adjutant of the king
  • the 6th standard bearers
  • The tasks
  • the officer corps serves the association for representation at events and pageants.
  • the officers are elected by the general assembly and should be worthy of their position.
  • the commander, as the highest-ranking officer, is a member of the full board.
  • if necessary, further ranks can be named.

Item 4: Inalienables and lending of inventory

  • The club flag, the imperial chain, the king’s chain, the queen’s diadem, the viceroy chain, the viceroy’s diadem and the certificates, trophies, flag nails and the like acquired by the club on the basis of services and honors are inalienable and property of the club.
  • Lending of the items mentioned is not permitted.
  • Borrowing other items from the Klausheide e. V. (e.g .: music system, coffee machines, coffee pots, chairs, tables, etc.) requires the approval of the equipment manager.

Item 5: Riflemen’s costume, medals and decorations

  • The rifle costume is the outward sign of a rifle club and should, if possible, be worn by the members on all occasions or festivities of the club.
  • A uniform appearance within the association is only guaranteed if every renewal of a rifle costume or badge or medal that is to be worn on the jacket has to be presented to the board of directors and has to be approved by them.
  • Rifle cords may only be worn on shooting jackets.
  • Orders awarded by the association are a special distinction and are awarded with the medal clasp.
  • For every 10 years of membership, members are awarded a pair of golden oak leaves. This may only be worn at the collar of the shooting jacket.
  • Board members are awarded a gold star for shoulder pieces for 10 years of office.
  • Members of the officer corps are awarded a silver star for shoulder pieces for 10 years of service.
  • Every member should purchase a club badge if possible. The badge can be worn on civilian clothing, at least at club events.

Point 6: Events

  • Unless made impossible by force majeure, the club celebrates the shooting festival annually.
  • The board of directors can decide on further events. Place and time are to be announced to the general meeting.
  • All events that are related to the life of the association and are organized in the name of the association must be submitted to the board for approval.

Point 7: Schützenfest

  • The shooting festival is the focus of the shooting club. It serves the maintenance of customs and the reputation of the association to the outside world. The existence of the association is indicated by pageants and the festival is promoted. Young and old, women and children, active and passive members, celebrate the Schützenfest for 3 days and thus strengthen and strengthen the togetherness.
  • A king or queen has to be shot at every shooting festival. He or she must be a member of the association, be over 18 years of age and otherwise be able to represent the association in a dignified manner both internally and externally. A member can only become king once every five years.
  • It is imperative that you follow the instructions for the royal shooting.
  • After the royal shooting, the king or queen has to present his / her throne to the board of directors. The king or queen has to ensure that the throne chosen by him / her represents the association worthily during his / her term of office. Honorary lords and cupbearers must be members of the association.
  • The royal throne is composed of:
  • King and queen
  • Two ladies of honor
  • Two lords of honor
  • The cupbearer or cupbearer couple
  • The first chairman makes the proclamation of the new king or queen. He can also transfer it to another member of the full board.
  • The king’s money is to be redefined by the board every year, depending on the budget.
  • A viceroy is to be shot at every shooting festival.
  • If the reigning king or queen is absent for any reason, the viceroy or queen shall replace him or her.
  • Every 5 years, the former kings and queens hold an imperial shooting. Shooting at the bird takes place after drawing lots. The emperor can choose an empress. The empress can choose an emperor.

The above annex to the statutes was accepted in today’s general meeting. Nordhorn / Klausheide, Gerd Stulga Friedhelm Büscher (1st Chairman) (Managing Director)